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`` Relationship-minded servants forever learning to equip others, while being greatly equipped by the Great Shepherd of all spiritual leaders”
Julius R. Sims
Founder & Sr. Pastor

  • Overseer of Elders & Ministers, Mentor
  • Church Executive Board
  • Men’s Ministry, Facilitator
Cathy Sims
Public Worship Overseer

  • Presbytery/Advisor & Church Executive Board
  • Teaching staff/Preaching Staff
  • Community Outreach
  • Ministry of Dance, Overseer
  • Women’s Ministry, Advisor
Vaughn Rooks
Facility Management

  • Presbytery/Advisor
  • Special Needs
  • Church Executive Board
  • Musician, Public Worship Administrator
  • Teaching/Preaching staff
Diane James

  • Presbytery/Advisor
  • Teaching/Preaching staff
  • Community Outreach
  • Mentor Associate with The Marquia Lewis Foundation
Gwen Doss

  • Presbytery/Advisor
  • Executive Director, Marquia Lewis Foundation
  • Teaching/Preaching staff/Seminar Speaker
  • Mentor, Community Outreach
Troy Rooks

  • Presbytery/Advisor
  • Founder & Outreach Coordinator, “Prayer Stations”
  • Teaching/Preaching staff

Support Staff/Administrative Affairs

Bettie Rooks

  • Chief Financial Officer & Accounting Department Overseer
  • Women’s Ministry, Overseer & Coordinator
  • Church Executive Board
  • Executive Board Member, The Marquia Lewis Foundation
Arthur Rooks

  • Building Maintenance & Grounds
  • Craftsman
  • Community Outreach
Dawn Nicolas

  • Food Pantry Ministry, Co-Coordinator
  • Usher, Outreach Facilitator (Winter campaign)
  • Pastoral Appreciation Luncheons, Coordinator
  • Hospitality Ministry
Linda Mitchell

  • Food Pantry Ministry, Coordinator with Operation Food Search
  • Usher & Hospitality Ministry
  • Liturgical Dance Ministry
  • Area In-Kind Donations, Facilitator & Distributor
Mary Branch

  • Single’s Ministry Advocate
  • Teaching/Preaching staff
  • Special Needs
  • Community Outreach
Darlene Caldwell

  • Usher
  • Outreach Facilitator (Winter campaign)
  • Pastoral Appreciation Luncheons, Co-Coordinator
  • Hospitality Ministry
Steven Caldwell

  • Sound Engineer & Recording
  • Social Media
  • Community Outreach
Glenda Rooks

  • Teaching staff
  • Community Outreach
  • Outreach Coordinator for "Prayer Stations."

Our Ministries


Men’s Meeting

Biblical discussions and learning interactions are designed to stimulate and produce a greater functioning of men within the areas of their...


Outreach Ministries

The ministry of reaching out is composed of caring volunteers, like-minded agencies, and other community advocates networking together to...


Women’s Ministry

Established to strategically reach, assist, teach, instruct, and encourage women of all backgrounds and ethnicities to flourish with dignity...

What They Say

We have a strong sense of community with parishioners.

My family and I found a church home at Word of Life. Pastor, the church elders and congregation have made us feel like we belong ever since we initially walked through doors. At each gathering, the preaching, prayer and selfless acts reflect a daily deep communion with Divine Love.

Dr. Amy NarishkinMember

Word of Life Church under the leadership of the honorable Dr. Julius Sims truly exemplifies its motto, “Exposing God’s Light and establishing Godly relationships”. He teaches core values. He’s a stickler on understanding the value of Kingdom living and the importance of a good prayer life. The atmosphere is awesome, and the members are genuine. I have learned how to truly stand in the midst of challenges allowing my teachings to align with my actions.

J. VictorianMember

This is a community of believers where spiritual growth, personal development, and God’s love through others have been a great blessing to my life. I have benefited greatly by what’s been taught and support received.

Mary BrachMinister

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